Mental Health

One project which I would really like to do would be related to mental health. Mental health is increasingly important and something which I think everyone at some point in their life has dealt with or come across. It also something which I think people have a lot of trouble sharing with others through words so I think if they could share how they feel visually then it could help others understand a lot more.

I have found a website which focuses on mental health and photography which contains lots of interesting documentaries from aspiring photographers from around the world.

Here are some interviews/images which I found interesting.

Chris Roe:

Chris Roe

Chris Roe uses shadows and lighting in his pictures which give an overwhelming sense of loneliness and also hope, due to the dark/light aspect of his photos.

Morgan Cable:

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 16.27.48

I really like these photos from Morgan Cable. He has taken this in a bedroom and from the picture I can sense the loneliness and a relate to how he is feeling. A bedroom is often a safe place but can also be a place where loneliness and sadness can consume you by spending too much time alone. This is something which I will be looking at in my project and something hopefully which I can get across.


Matthew Lees:

Matthew Lees


Matthew Lees photos are much more experimental I’d say. He uses double exposure to show the outside world and a portrait to show his anxieties. A really nice concept which works well especially with the film camera.


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